UV Air Cleaner


Model No.: HP-AP-200



Streamlined shaped for residential use, blending into home trends

Quiet and Powerful AC fan motors for great clean air delivery

Traps allergens and kill bacterial by 5 stages filtration system:

Stage 1- Washable Nylon Pre-filter, enhances the durability and performance of the other filters.

Stage 2- Active carbon filter traps chemicals, gases and odors. (Optional with Charcoal Zeolite Filter to eliminate the VOCs)

Stage 3- High Efficiency HEPA Filter, Long-lasting and most effective way to capture dust and allergens.

CADR200 certified by AHAM.

Stage 4- Aluminum Photo Catalytic oxidation (TiO2) filter specially designed to effectively reduces chemicals, bacteria and odors

Stage 5- UVC germicidal lamp to destroy micro-organisms, bacteria and virus.

The germ killing feature has been certified in independent lab in the US at 97.8%.

Handles for easy carrying and moving

Timer for up to 8 hours of automatic timed operation

Filter Reminder and UV Lamp Reminder, Reset

Variable speed control adjusts speed to any cleaning level.

Germ Scrub peculiarity specially engineered to kill germs.

Latest air purification technologies ensures instant, round-the-clock relief

Easy-to-Replace Filters and design, no screw driver needed.

Ozone Free and absolute no second cycle of pollution in the indoor air.


Operation Voltage

120V/220V AC

Input Power




Available area (ft)


Noise (max)


Air Delivery max(Meter3/hour)


Bacteria Removal Rate


Particle Removal Rate


Smoke Removal Rate


VOC Removal Rate


HCHO Removal Rate


Product Size


Net Weight


Certificate: AHAM/GS/CE/UL


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